Second or third?

I was pretty stoked about my second place finish at the Enduro last weekend but not so much now that the scores are posted showing me in third place…I’m not sure what or how the scores were changed after the fact, but I digress.


The race left A LOT to be desired for everyone, specifically that the course was less than 60 miles not including the two 10-mile long transfer sections, which don’t count as far as our scores are concerned but counter into the mileage? Add to my displeasure that when I arrived at a few checkpoints, the course workers moved slower than turtles getting over to my scorecard and then were confused about what to write for my time, which cost me precious time. First place, er, second place now, only beat me by 3 minutes. That’s all the time I’m going to waste on this. I feel cheated but I still burned 1,539 calories – average speed was 15.3 mph and max was 45.9 mph – in just under 3 hours with an average heart rate of 165 and a max of 190 around the 27 minute mark.

Map of the Lochloosa Enduro from my Garmin.

Map of the Lochloosa Enduro from my Garmin.


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