Hump day

“If things are not failing,” Elon Musk says, “you are not innovating enough.”
5 Visionary CEOs and Their Key Traits That Every Leader Should Master

It’s been a week since I tried giving up sugar cold turkey for Lent. Two days later, I was in bed with a migraine so bad I couldn’t move, eat, drink or do anything besides sleep for more than 12 hours.
“Good luck with that,” someone told me when I was one day in. I could do it, I told them. “I can do anything.”
Well, you know what they say about your body giving out way before your mind, it’s true with sugar, too. I researched why and learned I needed to wean myself off, instead.

I cheated today and downed a large coconut mocha at a coffee shop with my business partner. We are preparing to debut our first company t-shirt at this year’s Daytona Bike Week.
I’m especially excited because the mission behind the business is something I’m extremely passionate about: promoting women competing in sports to encourage and foster more females to participate. It’s no secret that women earn less in wages than men for doing an equal day’s work  -about 80 cents to every man’s dollar, which has actually shrunk the wage gap from 70 – and only a fraction of mainstream sports media covers women other than a brief mention. But across the genres, female athletes put in the same effort and are just as capable and competitive as men with similar skills and talents.

With B Cup Racing, Inc., my partner and I plan on providing content that will resonate with our intended audience of competitive female athletes (as well as the men who love those women.) We aim for equal play and so we will provide it, and not with pics of sporty chicks wearing string bikinis. Sex appeal is not something we plan on covering. Well, not that much.
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