Taking time

Like the pilot says, “sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.”

When you’re on one of those Disneyland boats, it takes you where Disney wants you to go. That’s why you got on. And so you are lulled, a spectator, merely a tourist.

So different, isn’t it, from driving yourself, choosing your own route and owning what comes of it?

How long have you been along for the ride? When is your turn to actually drive? – Seth’s Blog

This time last week I was checking out of a pretty nice hotel in Daytona Beach that I purchased off Priceline at the last minute Thursday from inside the pro pits at the flat track race. That’s after a week of camping out in the motovan at Bike Week. This hotel that we spent less than 12 hours in apparently “smelled like smoke” when I left because I was charged $250.00 when I don’t even smoke. Maybe my room smelled like smoke from all the guests smoking marijuana cigars in the parking lot when we arrived around midnight to check in and I found the front desk lady polishing off one of those margarita’s in a can, but when I called to complain, the hotel told me to contest the charge with my bank. So, that’s happening. I’m looking at you, Extended Stay.

This year’s Bike Week, come to find out, would also be known as “Amateur Week,” because a lot more amateurs than professionals prowled the streets of Daytona Beach it seemed. I snapped about 4,000 photos on my Nikon, a few dozen on my phone, which is some sort of record all while managing two Facebook pages, FTR magazine’s page, three Twitter accounts, multiple Instagrams and working on my farmer’s tan. I took a week off from the gym and regretted it this week but I had a paid week off from work during Bike Week and how often does that happen?

The first event I covered was Friday’s Endurocross – photos – at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach. Then, Saturday was Supercross and we spent Sunday getting the bike’s ready for the week before catching the DAYTONA Flat Track Amateur Championship at the Speedway on March 8 – click for photos. Monday and Tuesday we spent at Volusia County Speedway (photos) in Barberville for Round 2 of the AMA Vintage Dirt Track National Championship Series on the Half Mile and Round 2 the next day at the Short Track next door. Then Wednesday we were back at the Speedway for the AMA meetings and outside turns three and four on Thursday and Friday for the AMA Pro Flat Track Daytona Rounds I and II – click for photos. Note: I was supposed to race the Alligator Enduro (photos, here) on Thursday morning but that didn’t work out when we pulled up in the van with my helmet still in the trailer at the speedway. Of course, no one carried a spare helmet, at least none of my friends, so I took it as a sign and was happy I didn’t pre-enter.


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