Talent speaks for itself

When news broke yesterday that all 19 women who attempted to become the first class of female Army Rangers failed to complete the requirements, I didn’t even want to read the 398+ comments on this USA Today story, but I did. I knew what most would say – that women can’t rise to the same standards as men because of our “lighter bone structure.” Women aren’t “built to do a man’s job.” One comment summed it up: “Even the highest level women athletes in their chosen sport cannot complete with men in the same sport.”

I beg to differ, guy.

Women compete against men in professional motorcycle races, and they win sometimes, too! Elena Myers was the first female to win a professional road race in 2011 and Shayna Texter is the only female to ever win a professional flat track race. (She and her brother Cory will be the first sibling duo to compete in the X Games later this month. Read more, here.)

I’m new to the whole flat track world but I’m intrigued that professional flat track racing doesn’t separate the females from males (at the professional level) as do (all?) other sports. In fact, there are husbands and wives who race against each other. This last weekend at the Sacramento mile, Nichole Mees was the fastest qualifier in the first session, which earned her a front row start. I have always thought women were just as capable as men in terms of talent and ability and I’m so thankful that flat track racing proves me right.

“That’s the cool thing about this sport. The guys don’t look at me any differently. If they had to bump me out out of the way or take me out or whatever, they are going to do the same thing to me as they would their male competitors,” Nichole said.


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