The road to Brown Mountain

Not many things are better than looking out the backseat window on the way to go riding in the Western North Carolina mountains with your dad and boyfriend for the day.

Barkbuster buddies in three colors heading to the
Barkbuster buddies in three colors heading to the “Land of Mystery.”

Saturday rides are new to me so it’s not quite the same vibe overall waking up Sunday morning as far as on the news and around town. But since I’m working the Sunday producer shift at my job, I’m left to take the ol’ girl out on Saturday, which is like a Sunday to me in that I’m off Fridays, too.

Through the dog’s nose prints, you can see for hundreds of miles, driving east to Brown Mountain.

Last time at Brown Mountain was a little too slick on some of the offcamber single track, and everyone’s assuming it will be like that again today.

Driving to the offroad vehicle park, the interstate curves tightly down and around the ridge so I volunteered not to drive my truck, especially loaded down with three bikes. It’s way too beautiful outside to take my eyes off the scenery surrounding me, or the abundant Subarus with sometimes funny bumper stickers, sick road bikes or kayaks.

I spotted a dirt bike heading the other way toward Tennessee, which reminded me today is the motocross national at Muddy Creek. We thought about going to that but anyone would rather go ride than watch, especially if you ride, even if the race is less than 100 miles away and both your dad and babe have never been to a national. I would also go just to watch Chad Reed because he’s making a comeback, but I’m not really into forking out money for a ticket and I’d rather go riding, anyway.


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