Crash or win

There’s a story for every time someone says, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” The cliche sums up how you take a piece of Vegas home with you (if you ever get out of there) – you never lose Vegas. Just like you never lose memories of the perfect someone coming into your life – your “person” – and the two of you are so incredibly amazing together that you cannot imagine life without them. But nothing lasts forever, right? The honeymoon has to end sometime. So you enjoy the moments, you consume life and you enjoy every single second until it ends. Knowing nothing lasts forever actually intensifies the need to be in the moment and experience everything. The end actually brings some security.

Driving south on Interstate 15 to Nevada.
Good morning from the Stratosphere Hotel.

So, I added another Supercross to the list, but this time I wasn’t alone, unlike my last trip to Vegas five years ago when I went for the first time during my last grad school semester at Syracuse. It was supposed to be a girl’s trip but the other girl bailed so I made it a pre-graduation gift trip to myself and hit the strip solo, which was not as bad as I thought once I was surrounded by dirt bikers.
This time in Vegas changed the game completely. First, I rode passenger on the drive there, instead of looking out the window seat flying across the country. Driving through Utah to Arizona and then Nevada was breathtaking as was the view from the top of the Stratosphere Hotel where we stayed. The event itself included an active and engaging pre-show including a best whip contest with famous freestylers flipping high overhead. During the race, I watched from the sidelines clinging to the hope that everything I wanted would come true, including James Stewart’s comeback three-moto sweep. Well, not even close. He crashed out of the first race, never to return. Maybe next time, Vegas.

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