Strip it down

I woke up Sunday morning without any plans to go riding or enjoy my last chance to “get it found” before another work week begins, so I headed out to Jordan River OHV State Park in Salt Lake, which has two motocross tracks but I was more concerned with the 3-mile offroad loop I’d heard about. Pulling in, it was obvious that this was a moto crowd as I noticed jacked-up trucks and flat bill hats everywhere. I must have stuck out like a sore thumb with my stock wheels, bark busters and yellow number plates. Nothing new…

I felt nervous unloading my bike in front of everyone and could not remember the last time I went riding by myself. It’s usually a no-no where I’m from because if you crash while you’re out riding solo in the woods and no one knows where you are, you’re good as gone. I assume it’s especially important not to ride by yourself in Utah where a stupid mistake on one of these really epic trails could end your life without a trace.

“If she’s lonely now, she wont be lonely long.”

Once I geared up, I took a ride around the one-way trail, which was all flat singletrack and pretty choppy hardpack with some tight and sweeping sand corners. It was fun finding my lines as I had the trail to myself and made two loops before pulling off with cramping brake and clutch fingers.


I came back to the pits and sat on my tailgate watching all the families and friends together and felt lonely as ever with no one to talk to or bench race with. It hit me like a ton of bricks but I tried to remember that loneliness comes when you forget that God is with you.

The next thing I notice is a guy walking over to introduce himself: “I saw there was a girl out here riding so I had to come say, ‘Hey.'” Suddenly, his friend appeared and I was the center of attention again, answering questions about Florida, why I moved here and how I like it so far. I no longer felt alone, thanks to my new friends at the dirt bike track.


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