Gone goes November


I set some records this month in traveling to Florida twice – once for work and once for food, family and friends. I turned 31 on Friday and, instead of freaking out, I am just trying to focus on entering my early 30s with patience and gratitude. My friends tell me your 30s are the best decade of your life – I’m so ready! Just yesterday I rode in the snow for the first time ever – more on that later.

On the plane to Florida for Thanksgiving, I finally finished reading “The Untethered Soul,” a book on “the journey beyond oneself” and the basic decision to be happy no matter what. This year, I’m not only a year older, I’m a year wiser and a year closer to achieving my goals (Ph.D., publish my novel, ride…) Life isn’t about how much I make; it’s about what I make of it.


Yesterday, I tested myself by agreeing to go ride in 20 degree temperatures. Ride or die, right? So, I layered up and hit the sand dunes, which were covered in fresh powder. It was an interesting sort of motorcycle ballet letting the bike dance under me while trying to find traction between the sand, snow and ice patches.

I was grateful to break a sweat ripping across snow-covered sand whoops and happy to have grown up riding Florida’s deep sugar sand, learning how to stand up, float my weight and steer while staying on the gas and keeping my feet up. After all, sand, like life, can be challenging and will control you if you let it; when in doubt, gas it out!

More speed = less sink.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.46.44 AM.png


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