Riding through the clouds

If I take more than a day off from bikram, it’s almost like having to start over with some of the poses and all the progress I made last time. Or, I’ll get dizzy and lightheaded when I never did before. Still, either way, every time I make it to the mat, the class is almost always full. The goal, the instructor says every time, is to stay in the room, “but if you do have to lie down, do it.” In the past month, I haven’t lied down yet, but people do. My goal is making it to class three to four times a week. So far, so good.

On Sunday, I met up a new YZ250X-riding-friend – one of the few people I’ve met who are willing and able to ride in sub-40 degree temps – and we drove out to Fivemile Pass and burned some two-stroke fuel. It was my first time riding across completely snow-covered terrain, which I guess is kind of like skiing (even though I’ve never been.)

Usually, when I’m out riding, I can go as fast as I dare, but not in the snow. It’s risky riding across what felt like a foot of snow up to my foot pegs but was probably only 6 inches. I underestimated not being able to see the bottom and crashed a bunch trying to weight my rear wheel while controlling my front end according to no real trail ahead, navigating across meadows of powder only marked by rabbit prints. It takes a special kind of rider to just go for it; it’s a different mindset blazing your own trail through fresh powder rather than trying to stay in a slippery rut. Still, no matter how cold you are, freedom rings riding motorcycles.

“There was a star riding through clouds one night, & I said to the star, ‘Consume me.’” – Virginia Woolf


One Reply to “Riding through the clouds”

  1. It was a great day for riding. You hung in there and did great for a first timer. It is an acquired skill to ride in snow on a bike, one I’ve acquired from doing it numerous times in my life on numerous vehicles.

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