“Can actually ride”

Sometimes you meet someone and you know within seconds of meeting them that they have a story worth telling. Well, that happened to me yesterday when I met up with a friend to go riding. After we loaded my bike on his trailer, a bright orange truck pulled up with two KTMs and I saw a girl driving but no passenger. She offered to let me ride with her and I thought, “Keep your friends close…”

I jumped in truck and that’s when I noticed this girl was driving with a prosthetic leg. Immediately I wanted to ask her what happened but I relaxed back into my seat for the 90-minute drive to Knolls Special Recreation Management Area: “Nearly 36,000 acres of sand dunes, hills, and mud flats located in the Great Salt Lake Desert.”

Fresh desert air and 50-degree temperatures

For most of the day, I stayed behind her not knowing where I was going and she led us around last year’s desert race course, which was still pretty tough and beat up and thus made for excellent training. The snow was pretty much melted if soft in some spots, and we bushwhacked through the desert trying to avoid long sections of desert whoops. Across some of the flats, my little 125 was tapped out where she was only in third or fourth gear but I tried my best to keep up. When we got back to the truck, we talked for a bit about hitting the next race together. She told me she was thankful to meet a girl “who is cool and can actually ride.” I said, “My thoughts exactly.”




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