Training days


What better way to ring in the New Year than riding my dirt bike? Even better that the first day of 2017 happened on a Sunday. I pulled into Croom a little late (hoping for a Ronnie Renner sighting as he posted photos of him riding there just days before; damn!) and everyone was gone by the time I geared up, so I went out solo for a quick arm pump, warm up before playing follow-the-leader with three of my favorite A guys who, before I arrived, were just out for a leisurely Sunday stroll; it took me convincing them that we needed to ride fast because, “I’m training, remember?” and we were off in search of the least-ridden singletrack, which tends to be hard to find unless you have a really good line leader, which we did. I pulled away second behind him while the other two crisscrossed behind us, riding wide and cutting corners as we blazed the dusty trails ahead. At one point, we came through an unusually narrow rooty section at a pretty fast clip and before I could back off, my bike hit a steep, off camber root, which seat bounced me into the ground head and thigh first. OW! Of course, they said my crash could have been avoided if I wasn’t following so close. “OK, Dad,” I laughed as I picked myself and my bike up off the ground.

The Team Wanker pits

After those guys split, I hooked up with some Wanker dudes who let me tag along on their joyride through the woods, including one on a freight train of a KX500. I kept pushing and riding aggressive, laying it over through the turns, trying to be as fast and as smooth as possible – did I mention I had a new sand tire on the front? Click here to watch a video of me riding. At one point through some tight switchbacks, I headed straight for a tree and locked up the brakes, squealing in delight that I barely made it by smooth…I can’t say the same for the guy behind me. Soon after that, I lost my rear brakes completely and had to pull over to let the group pass me, which reminds me that I need to order some ceramic pads: “Your rotor’s black.”

Looking back – it’s Tuesday and I’m sitting at my desk job with second-day soreness – it’s probably a good thing that my brakes went out when they did or I might have hurt myself. There’s a Fine Line Between Working Hard and Letting Go.

“If we push too hard, we risk breaking something important—our physical or emotional health.” – Michael Hyatt

First sweat of the New Year

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