Resting pretty

My face during winter

Talk about a low-key weekend with temperatures in the low 50s; I barely made it outside to go anywhere besides bikram, it was too cold to go ride my dirt bike – I can’t believe I rode in the snow last winter in 20-degree temperatures. (In Canada, these “ice racing enthusiasts” embrace the cold!) At least I got a sweat in on Sunday at bikram, which I just joined to get me ready for my first race of the year on Jan. 22, a co-sanctioned event with the 2-day ISDE Qualifier, so that should be interesting if I’m stacked up against the women vying for the Women’s World Cup Team. This weekend, I’m heading back to Highland Park Resort in Cedartown, GA to train for a few days, which will hopefully be warm and not as dry as it was a few months back with some recent rain and “about 3/4 inch of snow, just enough to cover the ground and make it white everywhere,” according to the Facebook page.

If you caught Thursday’s press conference ahead of the first Monster Energy Supercross, you heard Chad Reed repeat how “sad,” it was that one of the sport’s legends, James Stewart, was missing from the lineup. Well, Chad’s comment must have fired James up because one day later, Instagram notified me that James posted about returning to racing before the end of January! Thank you, moto Gods! Now I’ll have a reason to watch!

It’s been 16 years since a Saturday night in Jan came and i wasn’t in a stadium doing what I love. But all I can say is it won’t last for long!!! Truly can’t tell ya how much I’m looking forward to returning doing it my way. After months of trying to make things happen, i realize that no matter what I would do, it wasn’t going to work. You keep doing the samething then it’s no one else fault besides your own no matter who’s doing it to ya. So we’re doing it on our own👊🏾 To all that supported me… I’ll see you soon. Too all that didn’t… I’ll see you soon. Wanna thank all my sponsors that are supporting me thru this adventure @redbull @gopro @oakley @dcshoes @sevenmx_ @bell_powersports. And most importantly, I wanna thank my fans for being Ultra Patient with me thru all of this. Wasn’t until last week that I actually had a final plan to go at it this way. For those that tried to break me. Sorry… but you can’t get rid of me that easy. Not quite done yet!”

A photo posted by James Stewart (@therealjs7) on Jan 6, 2017 at 6:18pm PST


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