Tough break

It’s been three days since I broke my arm at Round 1 of the 2017 KENDA AMA National Enduro Championship Series in Sumter, SC. Today is Day 1 of wearing a cast from my wrist to my elbow, and I’m over it, already, especially since I keep finding more things that trouble me: using a fork with my left hand, brushing my teeth, unscrewing tops or lids, typing (pecking), using the mouse, texting, washing my hair one-handed. The only thing I really must do with my right hand is write, and even that is almost illegible although still not as bad as my left-handed penmanship.


Before Sunday, it had been three years since my last broken bone, so one could say that I was due for a trip to the emergency room, X-rays and a cast. So far, there’s only one thing I can’t do (besides ride, lift weights, practice yoga) and that’s floss, and I floss religiously.

Race day started off with me missing tech inspection, which never happens, but the club ran out of stickers for the 700+ rider event. I actually did not know if I even had a spot in the race until after 8 o’clock Sunday morning. I started at 9:36 a.m. from row 36. The first mile or so was a transfer section, which is essentially a warm up for everyone off-the-clock. We came to the start of the first test and took off in order of importance: Cory Buttrick in the Pro class, Neil Enman in A 250, Bob Bergman in A 40+ and me, ahead of two others on our row. From there, I rode 9 miles as hard, fast and smooth as I could to the end of the first test, my soft Florida set up somewhat OK for the harder pack South Carolina conditions. That is until my competition caught and passed me, and I noticed her KR4 suspension sink like she was riding a couch. I stayed focused enough to exit the first test in fourth out of 11 in Womens Elite. Ten feet later, in front of at least two dozen spectators and off the clock in a reset, I smacked a tree at a snail’s pace and proceeded to somersault through the air before landing on my head. Thanks to my helmet and hard head, I was fine immediately after the crash but just as I was moving to get up from my dirt sample, the bike chased me to the ground and the rear wheel came to a stop on my now broken arm. Snap! “Oww!”


I ended up very thankful for all of those spectators who helped lift the bike off of me, the sheriffs deputies who notified the EMS, the moto dad, Jim Teagarden, who kept me smiling through the tears and gave me a warm spot to rest before the ambulance arrived, the cute medics in the ambulance who splinted my arm ever-so-gently, and the volunteers who carried me and my bike back to the pits. I ended up not last – 705th overall out of 725 entrants – I was 315th at one point – and finished 10th in my class.


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