Ten weeks to the hour since I broke my arm, turns out life goes on after all. I made my comeback Sunday without much fuss with my goal to ride at least 10 miles before loading up. Oh, how I’d missed just driving for a while and having the chance to clear my thoughts and get them together again (and repeat.) It dawned on me that I would be making my return to riding on Easter, so I turned on the Christian rock station for the 90-mile drive to Brooksville. I might have even shed a few tears as I realized I was experiencing my own resurrection in starting over with my riding and training.

Pulling into the park, I sped by the normal parking spot and headed toward the back so as not to be seen or pressured to ride over my head. I wanted to prove my triumph over injury to myself before my official revivification and took the opportunity to come alive again and experience the joy that riding brings me, which nothing, no evil, can destroy.

Gearing up

The goal of human life is not death but resurrection – Karl Barth


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