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Solo Saturday at Croom

I had the forest to myself on Saturday to celebrate Earth Day and my second time on the bike since February. I took myself out for a ride, watching my watch, and wanted to see how far I could go before my arm started hurting (and got really sketchy.)


Answer: about 6 miles. My heart rate averaged 157 and maxed out at 170. My speed averaged at 16.2 and maxed out at 26 mph. Overall, I rode over 14 miles and burned 468 calories before deciding to load up after scaring myself to squeals almost crashing a few times. The week before, my first ride back, I rode 11 miles at an average heart rate of 125, maxed out at 157 and burned 296 calories, so here’s to progress.


Come Monday, I always get a kick out of reading the mainstream media’s take on the sport that’s so near and dear to my heart, and I can always tell, from how the story reads to the word choice, the reporter doesn’t ride dirt bikes or even follow the sport. This article from the Salt Lake Tribune refers to Saturday’s Monster Energy Supercross event, first, as “Motocross” in the headline, then calls it the “American Motorcyclist Association series” and fails to mention the words Monster Energy Supercross at all. Moreover, “Ryan Dungey from Cortez, Co., and Eli Tomac of Clermont, Fla.,” when, actually, Dungey lives in Florida (he’s from Minnesota) and Tomac lives in Colorado. All of these facts are easily googleable.

“The riders in the 450SX Class raced on 450cc four-stroke motorcycles over a course that includes jumps and obstacles. Another category at the event for younger competitors was on 250cc four-stroke bikes.”

I imagine it would be like me covering golf or fishing or some other obscure sport in which there are certain expressions and vocabulary words unknown to the general public. On the flip side, I loved reading this Transworld Q&A with MotoGP’s Marc Marquez on “motocross, his passion and our specialty.”


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