Lucky sweat

I’m not one to remember it ever being too hot to ride, but the thought came to mind during yesterday’s rip around Croom Motorcycle Area. I barely managed 15 miles in an hour, stopping every 5 miles or so to catch my breath, shed my goggles and helmet and, of course, snap a few pics of the sweat dripping off the ends of my eyelashes before getting going again.


With the “feels-like” conditions well over 100 degrees in the shade, I had the forest to myself (an added benefit to training in extreme heat) and found most of the singletrack firm, untouched and ripe for ripping. The amount of rain in the past couple of weeks packed down the sandy whoops and made for much traction. I was in the zone, thanks to the canopy of trees covering most of the trails and the gallon of water I downed on the way, trying to work on the techniques I’ve been learning in motocross, like scooting up on the seat through the turns and trying to back off and not ride the rear brake as much (still working on that!) Just about the time I would lose the rear brake, I was ready for a break and headed back to the truck before I overheated, too.


In other news, I loved listening to last week’s 4+ hour PulpMX podcast with three greats, Chad Reed, Tim Ferry and David Vullemin in studio. Besides the laughs, listening to legends talk moto motivates me to stay focused on my training.

“I’m don’t want to go there and just ride. I’m there to train.”

The other day at work, I passed up on a cookie that one of my colleagues offered.

“No?” She asked, looking curious.

“No, thanks,” I told her. “I’m training.”

“Training for what?”

“My next win!”

We laughed, but I was serious. Champions are made when no one is watching.

The soul has no secret that the behavior does not reveal. – Lao Tzu

Practice makes perfect!

“It’s the art of it,” Patrick says. “Which is actually what I like about racing. I don’t necessarily care about driving the car, it’s the art of it. Setting a goal and achieving it, the feel of the car, the rhythm of the lap; nailing it. It’s just like getting it all right.


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