New skin

After I moved back to Florida last year and bought a new bike about a month later, I knew I wanted to change my racing number from #1, but I didn’t know what number I wanted. The #1 represented my decades-old enduro championship, and I wanted to start fresh, but I didn’t know where to start. I used to run #8 but I wasn’t really feeling that anymore, either. Someone told me, “If you don’t know what to do, don’t do anything.” So, I waited and raced my bike naked without any numbers for about a year … until the tragic death of Nicky Hayden on May 22. That’s when, immediately, I knew what to do: I would ride in memory of him. Every. Single. Day.


“You’ll feel much better if you get off your ass and go ride a motorcycle. Even better if you do it well.”

The first and last memory I have of meeting Nicky, we were both young racers with our whole lives ahead of us. After, I followed his career closely, watching his (and America’s) wildest dreams come true. He gave me, from afar, the courage to believe in myself and my own wildest dreams.

“I made a decision last night that I would die for it
Just to show the city what it takes to be alive for it.” – Drake


Exactly one week from today, I’ll be in singletrack heaven with Seat Time Adventures on their annual trip to Colorado with 7 other guys from across the country.

I’m sure being the only female on this year’s trip will be a story in itself, and I’m looking forward to telling the bigger story of how Seat Time creates a good time on dirt bikes, builds community and lasting memories.

Here’s to making Nicky proud.


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