Practice progress

4 Diamond “Expert Only” Trail 25 at Highland Park

I was probably never more ready to race the 2017 Kenda Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro in Tennessee last weekend – the toughest off-road race in America – after riding in Georgia less than a week after returning from my epic Colorado riding vacation with the Seat Time crew, one of the most fun and frustrating times I’ve ever had riding dirt bikes. (Read my story on

What a great trip with new friends. This is what Colorado is all about.. spending time and enjoying what the good lord has granted us… – Slavik

 Warms my heart! Way to kick ass and keep chugging girl. Glad you joined us!!!! – Brian


Riding Highland Park was incredibly easier this time around, despite the extremely dusty and overall rougher-than-expected trail conditions; Georgia was flat as a pancake compared to the steep verticals we rode in Colorado. Maybe I was just coming off the high of getting my ass kicked riding in the Rocky Mountains, but I redeemed myself blazing the Georgia trails where I remembered struggling before using everything I had.

The biggest difference was my bike was back to wheelieing over everything and performing at its peak, which was such a relief when I realized I could get on the pipe again; riding above 9,000 feet was not conducive to my balls-to-the-wall riding style. Boy, was I glad to be closer to home at 1,000 feet.

Trail 7 is motorcycles only

This year, I just couldn’t swing the solo trip to Tennessee to race the TKO last Saturday, regardless of the $1,000 purse to be paid out to the top three Women finishers ($500, $300, $100 for first second and third respectively).

“Beta’s Morgan Tanke (@mtanke31) took the Saturday Women’s class win over Victoria Harcy. They were the only two female riders that finished the morning lap and faced off in a main event on a special short course.” –

Maybe next year. (At least then I can find out more than 37 words from the 900-word article.) As Jeremy McGrath said recently in this Racer X interview, “Timing really is everything.”

I’m hoping to attend the 2017 USGP in Jacksonville next month. As MotoXAddicts’ Geoff Meyer put it, “if you don’t want to get to this race, then there has to be something wrong with your passion for motocross.”


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