In return

I celebrated my return to riding in Florida at Croom, almost a month to the day that I’d even thrown my leg over my bike, so I warmed up first by myself, burning over 200 calories in 16 minutes over 5.16 miles, before hooking up and hitting the woods for a ~13-mile “trail ride,” averaging 11.6 mph and burning 770 calories in 1:11:55.

It didn’t take long to return to my repetitive practice of doubling as many whoops as I can, which requires looking ahead on the trail, watching where the leader’s wheels are in that moment, instead of looking down at where your tires are right now. It builds your confidence muscle, having no fears of crashing or failing and being seen looking like an idiot. It’s all about mindset, and I was hell bent on turning off my squirrel brain and being at one in the woods with my motorcycle.

“We seen you guys go by and tucked in behind, yeah not a chance. Y’all were GONE”

image (1)
Sunday fun day!

Mission accomplished.


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