To celebrate my birthday this week, I took myself twice in the last four days to the same place I’ve been riding for 20 years and headed back to my comfort zone for the first time in over month. One would think that riding around the same trails for more than half of your life would get boring – heck, even I’ve thought that before – but I’m luckily looking back on two of the best sand whoop training days I’ve had all year.

At first, it felt strange, like I didn’t really belong anymore, since I’d been steering clear of the woods lately and practicing on the motocross track. Frustrated and resistant, it was hard to stay interested in my tough, singletrack training, despite two months until the start of the 9-round 2018 National Enduro series. (Did I mention I was riding without barkbusters?)

But, as I listened this week to the Tim Ferriss podcast with Walter Issacson, I saw how it was a lesson in stepping outside of my comfort zone and a new experience for me to be questioning my skills in these woods. It was almost as if I was riding with a chip of experience on my shoulder, and I found myself at a clear crossroads wondering what to think; I couldn’t stop self-evaluating.

Looking back, I just wasn’t warmed up yet, because I turned a corner and became curious again when my bike hooked up coming out of a corner and I seat bounced three whoops in a row, which made me feel like Wonder Woman, and I really wanted to make up for lost time.

“…if you can be interested in everything, if you can be cross disciplinary, then you can see the patterns of our Cosmos and how we connect to it.” – Walter Isaacson



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