“Whatever you would make habitual, practice it; and if you would not make a thing habitual, do not practice it, but accustom yourself to something else.” Epictetus


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Three Sundays in a row I’ve pulled up to Croom after noon determined to burn more calories every ride. (Score!)

I’ve been going to Croom for 20+ years, riding and racing there, celebrating birthdays and picnics at the pavilion and last month, I reported on a funeral – (read the Hernando Sun.)

I’ve helped dig drainage ditches for the main road and assisted my Pops with pouring concrete for the bathrooms back in the day. I remember riding WFO down the dirt road, which is now paved, and watching freestyle at the front pit until multiple injuries/deaths led to the road closing to OHV vehicles, and the pit being scaled back.

I was here.

It’s not often I’ve embraced showing up when the morning crowd is pulling out, but it’s worth having the forest to myself and not having to worry about head-ons. Plus, it’s hot and as challenging as possible. I warm up by staking out four corners, finding logs, tight trees and whoops to tie into a lap and doing speed drills for as long as I can before switching directions. Solo riding burns more calories than most everyone’s joy rides, and what a relief not having anyone to watch out for.


Duration – 01:06:01
Distance – 15.73 mi
HR Avg  – 157 bpm
Calories – 633 kcal

July 22

Duration – 01:18:12
Distance – 19.52 mi
HR Avg  – 157 bpm
Calories – 747 kcal

July 29

Duration – 01:25:30
Distance – 19.77 mi
HR Avg – 150 bpm
Calories – 758 kcal

August 5


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