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  1. Thank you for the compliment on my video. I am attending Art Institute of Charlotte in their web and videography program and this video was a project for school. I hope to find a career in this field and the positive feedback encourages me that I am on the right track. Thanks again.


  2. very nice website, congratulations on your Bachelor’s degree, that’s quite an accomplishment. Are you the photogropher as well as the writer? There is some very nice work here. You are going places, and I hope your dreams come true!
    If I can help you find out more about moving forward with your Masters degree please contact me and let me know how I can help, I’m with Grand Canyon University, here’s our website:

  3. The Picture

    That was the early 80’s CR430 Husky. It was the biggest ANIMAL I’ve ever owned. Area looks like Brooksville because I don’t think we were going to Ed’s yet. I still carry that cut-off Suzuki jersey in my bag for really hot days.
    Cool stuff, eh ?

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